101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians

DVD - 2015 | Full screen edition
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Pongo and Perdita have a litter of 15 Dalmatian puppies. Cruella De Vil takes a fancy to the puppies and tries to buy them from their human owners, Roger and Anita. Cruella wants to get a hold of those puppies, as well as more puppies, to make herself a lovely dalmatian skin coat. She hires some thugs to kidnap the puppies and hold them at an abandoned mansion. Now Pongo and Perdita must use an animal communication system to help find all the puppies.


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Three words. Puppy. Fur. Coat. A great movie but not a good image, although it's in keeping with Cruella's demonic demeanor.

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Sep 08, 2020

101 Dalmatians is an entertaining, unique, and creative film! I love the story line, and all of the sweet characters. Disney did a great job developing the story, and really makes you dislike Cruella DeVille, the villain in this movie. You connect easily with the dogs and their owners, and watch in suspense as they fight to escape Cruella. It is different from any other Disney film I have seen, and I enjoyed it very much! I think that it would be great for people of all ages, and is a film that the whole family can enjoy. This movie is clever, adventurous, funny, and very engaging, which is why I would definitely recommend this movie to other viewers! @PenelopeScriptor of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Jul 26, 2020

I thought when I requested and borrowed this 2020 JUVENILE DVD ANIMATED version of "DISNEY: 101 DALMATIANS" from Public Library, it would be in widescreen format, full-screen viewing on my computer screen.
But in reality, IT IS NOT !!!!!!!!. copyrighted by Walt Disney Pictures MCMLX (1960). It is still in the 1960 version (( STANDARD FORMAT, GRAPHICS/PICTURE outdated, STORYTELLING/SONGS from 1960, NO BONUS FEATURES/SCENES )), but it did bring back "Old Memories" - seeing 1960's black & white Television Shows, as I remembered.
Since the original Actors/Actresses (SHOWN ON BEGINNING OF DVD) from original BLACK & WHITE MOVIE died along time ago, and was replaced with newer VOICE ACTORS/VOICE ACTRESSES, it still the same movie.
It was COOL this is a SHORTEN Movie Time: 1hr 19min, as compared to modern DVD Movies (lasting 1hr 45min up to 2 hrs LONG)
I appreciated that this old Disney Movie (Original Release Date: ‎January 25, 1961); was reproduced by WALT DISNEY, in association with BUENA VISTA HOME ENTERTAINMENT, and re-released in COLOR VERSION.
I understand that ALL WALT DISNEY MOVIES are ENTERTAINING AND LOVABLE, but this 2020 Color Version: ""TRULY LACKS CLARITY"" (it is less than desirable quality).
Therefore, I gave this 2020 Color Version of same MOVIE (AVERAGE 3-STARS RATING).
Only good thing on this DVD that happened: It showed brief preview of FROZEN 2, which I have not seen yet.

I am glad you finally got this movie of 101Dalmations i seen this dvd in stores a lot of times and i asked you to get this movie a lot of times but you never got it untill now witch its still good evan thought i am number 10 on line yes i watched the 1995 vhs my costin has it i barrowed it in 2003 from her and 2005 when i was younger my brother laughed about the romance he said in the movie i thought a track is about a truck not somthing you like but when he looked at a lady with a dog that looks like him he had to be in a rush to find them anfd change the clocks so he and roger would go find them and the funny part is when he pulled on him while he go fash on a leah whats all the hurry when he said my mom said so go find a girlfriend when he said pongo my said pougo it was funny when perddie looked at home and looked back and she turn arownd fast and he tryed to get the hat to play arowend with him to get the antentens them we laughed when pongo looked at them and we saw they left it was funny the way he took the hat from pongo and i never knew he said i don't know what has come over him i heard i never knew that i heard i don't know what has come over me and we all laughed as a family they gave each other kleexe and i never heard she sai9d dog had been daving puppies long before our time i never notice they have heartsd on the stare rolling i never heard its that devil women i heard its that del women i never heard dream castle crella said it i never knew what it is before i didn't know what she ment she wish she didn't have any puppies when he said October my brother said tomorrows october so we got the dvd in october its funny how the dog jumps on roger and he holds him funny my mothers doing find love i heard oh you are the luckys dog ever i never heard you can't posably aford to feed yourslef i heard keep yourslef it s always made me laughed how she got pen ice on the dog and roger i always heard what did you say not what the live action movie sounds scary what she said yells and said you idiet and i never heard glass breaking i thought she said to patch not to bit the rug always but she said not to say sertain words thats why she looks at the dad when he said hes huggry i thought they didn't eat dinner as a kid i thought and my dad laughed he said he can eat a whole elephant i never knew as a kid what it means w-a-l-k my dad laughed at i'm not sleepy i'm hurgy i never heard threw the keys away not welcome hear i never heard that i didn't heard i bet inside it was the puppies i never saw she fall on roger gitar and brock it with her bum and she called them to pretand thast she feels bad for them but really she made the guys take the puppies i didn't hear invested i heard shes been her friend for all those years but then roger calls pogo an idiet i heard daddy not danny what daddy i heard but danny again my brother laughed at the pitcture panting falling over and there were carators from the lady and the tramp i never heard a guy said aw shut up quiet my brother said its like ther howling for kannie krunchies will you be quet not scnce last winter i heard not litter we didn't notic the sign i neard emore not number i heard understood what dog mentb about puddles but i know he puppies now its funny to us i hear there the mean ones not ther mean ones when i heard bannes i heard before there butter like base ball bat my grandma laughed at how rolley took a meat on the snadwitch and she laughed when he show harries his sandwitch and he put the sagres thing in it and my brother said just bread when he showed it i didn't know what he ment why would thery be driving but i said to my brother he meant the dogs right yeah my brother answer we want to see What's my Crime I never heard it I said to my brother my dad laughed how she threw the glass bottle and made an explosion and how the roof fell after she slammed the door and it fell on Horace's head

Saw it originally in 1995. I think it still holds up very well!

Jan 27, 2020

1960 A CLASSIC Disney animation to remember as kids growing up in the 1960's. Toe tapping soundtrack.

Aug 21, 2019

This is such an amazing classic movie. I loved watching it as a child but now I love it even more. The movie was such an overall fantastic movie. I especially loved the small humorous parts in the movie. As a child I remember laughing at Cruella because of the way they dressed her. But now I see that the way she was dressed was so fitted as her as a character because it showed a dark human side of her being. If you are a dog-lover or just a sucker for animated classics like me, then this is a definite movie to watch on a road trip or just with the family. One thing I didn’t love about the movie was the final plans cruella had for the puppies, it was just down right disturbing and wrong. But overall it was a good movie because the puppies were all safe in the end. 4.5/5 stars
@AllAboutBooks of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

This is an amazing classic movie! It is based around Dalmatian Pongo is tired of his bachelor-dog life. He spies lovely Perdita and maneuvers his master, Roger, into meeting Perdita's owner, Anita. The owners fall in love and marry, keeping Pongo and Perdita together too. After Perdita gives birth to a litter of 15 puppies, Anita's old school friend Cruella De Vil wants to buy them all. Roger declines her offer, so Cruella hires the criminal Badun brothers to steal them -- so she can have a fur coat. My favourite part of the movie would have to be the ending because Cruella got served justice. I loved the whole plot, the theme and the storyline of this movie. I would recommend this movie to people of all ages because it is a family friendly movie and some people will love this movie. I loved how well they brought the movie to life and I like how each character had its own personality and they didn’t have personality twins. Overall, this is a fantastic movie and a great classic to watch in your free time! 5/5
@TheBookWorm of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Jun 29, 2019

this was a cute movie for me. I liked it and I have watched it a lot.

Apr 20, 2019

If you are a dog lover, then, you are sure to enjoy watching Disney's "101 Dalmatians" from 1961.

Featuring a nice mix of adventure, comedy, and drama - "101 Dalmatians" introduces (as a character) one of the most nasty and ruthless female villains ever imagined.

Going by the name of Cruella De Vil, this total monster even puts the likes of the villainous Captain Hook (from "Peter Pan") to shame.

And, speaking further about Cruella - Why anyone (in their right mind) would ever want a full-length coat fashioned out of dalmatian puppy pelts is beyond me - But, Hey! - We're not talking about just anyone here - Are we?

Anyway - All-in-all - I'd say that "101 Dalmatians" was (for the most part) enjoyable animated entertainment.

Mar 25, 2019

(*Familiar dalmatian quote*) - "Arf! Arf! Arf!"

IMO - Without the nasty, scenery-chewing villainess, Cruella De Vil making several stormy appearances throughout "101 Dalmatians'" story - This animated "Disney" production (from 1961) wouldn't have been half as entertaining as it inevitably was.

Yes. Over and over again - It was Cruella who stole the show in this story (with the cuteness of the dalmatian puppies consistently coming in at second place).

For the most part - This 80-minute dog tale of comedy, adventure, and drama was the kind of entertainment whose appeal can certainly be appreciated by viewers of all ages.

Every kid has seen this movie, but this is the second greatest film ever made (after LADY AND THE TRAMP). 101D doesn't have any of any of Disney's signature racist animals, so it gets an extra star.
Also, remember Peg + the other animals on death row that sing to Lady in LATT? They have a cameo in a pet store background, so that's a happy added bonus <3

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My brother laughed after the man made a disappointed face for paying for his crime. when he said 3 down 7 to go it made me think as a kid it was for the puppies but it wasn't and i didn't hear before whats my crime or they will skin them off i thought they will try to kill the puppies and i didn't see he broke a leg off the chair or bobs uncle i heard before i'm not doing this running arowed the rosie not enugh of this ring arowend the rosie my brother always thought it was funny when the dog slipped on ice i thought he wanted to run like that i never heard coople of spotted hyenas i thought always he said oh look hoores theres a big spotted dog as a kid and i think they will want to keep them when he said George i thought he talking about dog and its funny the guy pants are pulled and how the other guy falls in the fireplace and how he ran i didn't hear shes gonna make coats out of us i heard cones we never heard barking hey steak my brother just laughed my grandma and dad laughed how the horse kicked the two guys i heard the riding hey and harysen said what if they want under the brige and he said hes a idiet dogs ant that smart my dad said they are smart one puppy said he wish he could walk on the snow but he said they can't leave tracks my dad said yeah if they walk then they 'll find them that hay they won't he sliped my dad said he will fall himslef my grandma laughed how she drove crazy past them how will we get to the van i heard bag not back i didn't hear old mad lady i heard fool the old bad lady my dad thought it was funny he said they always paiting themslefs black he said uhoh and he didn't belevie it you idiet i didn't hear make it frozen i never heard it we all laughed how she looked at the bad guys it made me laughed crazy women drving its funny it's funny how she bounces in the car and the squeaky wheels and I'm like what the car still drives without the parts my grandma and dad laughed when they pulled out the steering wheel I thought Cruella was laughing but she was cryingand dad laughed when rolly said I'm hungry at the end


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Sep 02, 2019

Why can't I order this DVD?


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