Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her

Large Print - 2018 | First Harperluxe edition
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Nov 12, 2019

Different from other Slaughter books. Somehat disjointed and difficult to follow. Story finally came together near the end. Enjpyable, if you have the patience.

IndyPL_CarriG Sep 30, 2019

Intense and gripping read! I enjoyed the protagonist and thought Slaughter did a great job showing how a quiet personality can possess strength, and the fear felt by people who have been manipulated by a powerful con artist. Definitely not something you want to start right before going to bed - I had to keep reading to see what happened next.

Sep 23, 2019

Too repetitive, went thru half the book and just couldn't continue.

Overall, I really liked the book because of its interesting plot and story line. It's quite long so it took a while to read but it wasn't repetitive or dragging on like many other books. Something interesting was always happening and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I liked the ending a lot, and I'm glad there weren't any unanswered questions. Some of the characters were really annoying, especially the main character Andrea. Some of the things she did made it hard for me to keep reading. Another character I won't mention was so annoying and frustrating that I almost didn't want to finish. The end left me wanting more, which not many books do. I'm glad I read the book, but I wish the characters were more likable.

Aug 16, 2019

I absolutely loved this book. It got me right off the bat and I didn't want to put it down to go to sleep at night. Really enjoyed it, it was my first book by this author recommended to me by my sister in law but it won't be the last.

Jul 20, 2019

I normally enjoy Slaughters work, but this book? I have to agree with the other comments. I usually give a book the 99 page test and if I've not "gotten into" it, then it probably won't happen and I'm done. But for whatever reason, I stayed with this. By the end, part of me was glad I did. The other part is kicking itself hahaha If you want to fall asleep easily at bedtime, THIS book will do it, it did me. Still I stuck with it, thinking maybe she was having a "bad" day-week-month-year. I did finish but it took me a lot longer than my normal. I only gave it I think 3 1/2 stars. I'm taking a break from Slaughter for a bit. Happy Reading!

Jul 04, 2019

I recently discovered Karin Slaughter and was excited to find two of her books available at the library. Unfortunately, this one wasn't my cup of tea.

The story goes back and forth between the 1980's and 2018 and, in my opinion, the flashbacks were overwritten, boring, and extremely difficult to get through. The dynamic between Jane and Nick is so overdone and I am, quite frankly, sick to death of reading about characters who are still in love with abusive sociopaths even after they seem to have escaped.

Just once, why can't we see them work through it and then draw strength from it? Why does their weakness and lack of self worth have to be a plot device?

Jun 22, 2019

2018; William Morrow/HarperCollins Canada
(Review Not on Blog)

The novel started out with a Slaughter bang, but as the novel unfolded I fund myself disappointed. This one reminded me of The Good Daughter (the other Slaughter book I was a bit disappointed with). After the initial great start the story starts to fall apart and no amount of Slaughter magic could fix it. Did Slaughter get bored of the story, or did the editor? It wasn't just that it felt unfinished in the middle but more like five different ideas were sewed up together. If you have not read a Slaughter novel, please do not start with this one!

***I received an eARC from EDELWEISS***

May 24, 2019

I had a very hard time finishing this book. Slow reading. Could have done without about 150 pages.

Apr 12, 2019

Slow-paced doesn't begin to describe the slog to get through 'Pieces of Her'.

While I am a huge fan of Karen Slaughter and have read her every book with the exception of Cop Town, which I attempted to read, this book was just plain awful.

I could not engage nor identify with any of the characters. The plot was hard to follow especially since you really don't figure out the plot until the end of the book. The bouncing back and forth between 2018 and 1986 was just hard to read because there is no sense of what and why you are bouncing back and forth. When I finally made it through about 3/4's of the book, I started skipping the 1986 chapters. I just wanted to be done.

There were a few quotes:

"She always knew where all the tops were to her Tupperware."

"I thought that being in love meant being on pins and needles all the time. Passion and fury and arguing and making up. . . . It's taking out the trash and saving up for vacations. Making sure the school forms are signed. Remembering to bring home milk."

Love doesn't keep you in a constant state of turmoil. It gives you peace."

2 stars C-

Mar 06, 2019

I have been a faithful reader of all things Slaughter. This is the first time I have ever been disappointed, and to the point that I am unsure if I will pick up any future work. Due to the fact that I have enjoyed this author's works in the past, I slogged through all the way to the final pages, optimistic that it was going to get better. No such luck. I would recommend any of her books prior to this, but in good conscience I cannot encourage anyone else to throw away the time that can never be recaptured on this book.

Feb 26, 2019

Infectious read - but the writing, dialogue, editing fell apart about 1/3 way through. It was sort of like eating a whole bag of candy - terrific at the beginning but by the end you’re barely enjoying it even though you can’t stop. Great plot concept but a number of holes in logic. The epilogue scene with piano was overwrought. Not everything has to be great literature — All in all a pleasant enough distraction from my humdrum routine life!

Feb 24, 2019

This was my first read of a Karin Slaughter novel. OMG! What an outstanding writer and fascinating story. It was so good that I did some late-into-the-morning reading -- a compliment to the author, for sure.

Feb 13, 2019

This is very good. But I cringed a little at the description of the radical '80s group. No one gets those radical groups right. I was there, in the '70s.
But otherwise it was a great plot, with good writing.

LVCCLD_LeahNOTLeia Jan 24, 2019

Get it together Andy!

Jan 04, 2019

I love all Karin Slaughter novels and this one is no exception! Different than her usual novels this one had great characters in the mother Laura, whos back storey is told in flashbacks, and her daughter Andy, who has no idea who her mother really is. There is great growth in the Andy character from start to finish that is very satisfying. Loved this book!

Jan 01, 2019

I tried to continue reading this wanting to reach the conclusion but I was disappointed by how inmature Andy was, spineless. Sorry.

Nov 28, 2018

This was the first Karen Slaughter book I have read. It was fine although I found it a bit too detailed/long in the internal monologues of both Andy and Laura. I might try another book by her.

Hillsboro_StephanieC Oct 28, 2018

If you think this book is about Andy and not her mother Laura, you're missing the boat. If PIECES OF HER were about Andy, we'd all be disappointed: she's one of the most forgettable, pathetic characters Slaughter has ever given us. But Andy's not really the main character -- she's just a plot device used to help illuminate the complex and twisted backstory of her mother's life, and move a story decades in the making to its clever conclusion.

While I wish every new Karin Slaughter book featured Will Trent, I haven't enjoyed Slaughter's standalones as much because they have mostly been *very* dark and *very* twisted. The feel of PIECES OF HER felt like the familiar story I want from Slaughter, where the past always haunts you and the consequences of your mistakes take a long time to play out.

Oct 25, 2018

Karin Slaughter can write stories with more twists and turns than anyone. PIECES OF HER is no exception. The story line is interesting. The characters are a a bunch of misfits, which makes things interesting. Slaughter's stories often include graphic violence, and this one does as well, though less so than usual. In this novel the violence is primarily psychological, and there is way more of that than usual. So this novel is different in some respects to her usual fare, but not detrimental to a good story.

Oct 16, 2018

Loved the story. Different than other stories she has written. Kept me interested in how it would end.

Oct 14, 2018

Slaughter is one of my favorite authors, but this book was extremely disappointing. One of the main characters, the daughter, is so annoying I couldn't continue past page 160. I wanted to smack her, I was so irritated. The character is simply not believable, and skipping to the last few pages, I think the plot is also pretty far-fetched. Waste of time.

Sep 25, 2018

Disappointed in this one, although I've loved Slaughter's books for over a decade. I couldn't like the characters, the story line only mildly interested me, and about 200 pages in I realized I was skimming pages instead of reading them. I firmly believe if I'm not enjoying a book life is too short to struggle on. It may well turn into something more for the last 300 pages but I'm not interested enough in finding out.

If this were the first Slaughter novel someone was reading I'm afraid they would not see the brilliance her other books show.

K_ROK Sep 17, 2018

I love this author and was happy to see her expand on her storytelling in that this book didn't have cops at the forefront and it really focused on the characters and the backstory involved. It may not be for the average Karin Slaughter reader however this book is great and the story kept me engaged throughout the entire book.

Sep 08, 2018

This was a very complicated story - with lots of questions as you were going along. However if you keep with it you will find that there are many interesting characters and answers to all the questions that come up during the telling of the story. It was good but very convuluted.

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