Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning

Large Print - 2011 | Large print ed
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Feb 20, 2019

Umm whaaaat? So confused...there is no way I can wait until next May to figure out what is going on!!! Thank you to Sarah for letting me borrow the book and giving me my Sookie fix!

Jul 10, 2014

Wow! So many different elements to this story.
And all at once!
Really enjoyed this book!
Thank goodness one of the more annoying Vamps and Weres have been 'taken care of''.

Jun 12, 2013

I really enjoyed this. It is a great continuation of her series. Sookie has a hard time dealing with more family problems, but she puses through. Can't wait until the last book finally comes out.

1gloria1ed Dec 31, 2012


Dec 27, 2012

Don't be dissuaded by the awful book covers or sometimes luke warm True Blood television series based on the Sookie Stackhouse series. They are all worth reading!

Aug 04, 2012

Ok. I am curious about who Sookie will wind up with and so will definitely read the next two.

MaryBar74 Jun 20, 2012

This is by far an awesome read. For a series of more than ten books it is so great.

Jun 10, 2012

This book was ok and the only reason I read it was because I have read the other books in the series but I feel like ever since the bombing in Rhodes the books have gone down hill it was nice to learn more about her fey background but truth be told I am SO over the damsel in distress routine. Sookie keeps putting herself in these crazy situations instead of trying to find away out. It's time to walk away from the vampires Sookie and walk away from the fey!

swag1985 Apr 30, 2012

I thought the book was a bore. I had to struggle to stay awake to finish it. The story was such a drag. There was not enough action. Usually the books are better than the movies or the shows that are based on them. Not in this case. True Blood is way more interesting.

Berrytilly Apr 26, 2012

Fun as usual! This time though I found the book MOVED really fast....lots o lots of action going on. You hit the ground running. Only one love scene for Sookie and Eric her Vampire Husband. She broke the Bonding link though and now I am afraid for her. LOL Great book as usual. Can't wait for the next. This was my First Kindle book read check out from my Library. (pats self on back) =)~

Cookielover Apr 06, 2012

Good Book! Gives you a lot of insight into Sookie's fae background. A little bit of action in the book but not like the past books in this series.

Jan 21, 2012

I liked learning more about the fairies and her grandma (as I read this series for the mystery not really for the romance) but agree with the below reviewers that it seems like a hasty/filler book that isn't entirely satisfying in any of the ways people are looking for.

Jackers84 Dec 04, 2011

Book # 11

Nov 04, 2011

Since I've invested so much time in the series, I had to read it. But it seems like a hasitly thrown together book and the wording quite frankly made me cringe at times.

Oct 12, 2011

This book just seems like a filler book.....maybe she is tiring of writing the series. I liked the series and am dissappointed in this book.

Aug 12, 2011

While this book wraps up a few loose ends I am left with more questions than answers. I don't know what it is about Sookie that irritates me in this book, maybe it is the fact that she is never satisfied and doesn't know what she wants, she seems a little on the bipolar side. I felt trapped in Sookie's anxiety riddled brain and found myself wanting out. I love Eric's character and I love Bill's character but at this point I am seriously wishing a faerie prince would step out of a portal and carry her away just so she could have some closure. Sookie just needs to accept the fact that even though she wants more than anything to just be human she's not...plain and simple. She hasn't embraced who she is and accepted it yet...So...if you are a fan then I think this is a must read, but if you are a fan, try to resist the urge to beat your head against the wall because you have to wait another year to see if she can figure this out.

Jul 29, 2011

I have loved the series in the past, but this book was so dull it was hard to read. The plot of this one just dragged on and on. I wish that Charlaine would get back to what readers want - the relationships between Sookie and Eric/Bill, rather than all the political positioning that is now happening. Hopefully the next one improves, or else this may be an abandoned series...

Jul 17, 2011

I really wanted to love this book, but it let me down. It was good through most of it, but quite slow and Charlaine Harris seemed to rush through things towards the end, she also didn't resovle the relationships around Sookie at all, and now we have to wait for the next book to find out what happened with them!

Jun 21, 2011

As much as I've loved the Sookie Stackhouse books over the years, as the new ones come out, I find myself liking them less and less. Dead Reckoning really didn't do a lot for me. I felt like there was very little information stuffed into the 300 pages of this book. I really didn't feel like I had learned much or that Sookie had grown much, and I didn't enjoy reading about Sookie and her beloved as much as I have in the past. The plot was slow, the characters were less than interesting, and I find myself wishing more and more that the novels were more about Eric and Pam than Sookie. Hopefully the next installment will be worth it, but I'm not looking forward to it as much as I've anticipated the rest

frosty73 Jun 19, 2011

Some of the Sookie books I have adored, while others were not so great. This one started out slow, without the usual humor and emotional intricacies that I appreciate. The end was OK, but this book really, really made me dislike the Sookie-Bill romance.

Jun 17, 2011

omg omg cannot wait for the next one! is it they can just keep getting better and better?!...

Jun 16, 2011

The end of this series is looming and this book felt more like a chapter of a final book than an entire book itself. While there was action, it just seemed drawn out. I'll continue to read the series, but with the expectation that the later books will be nothing like those from the beginning.

Jun 08, 2011

I was a bit disappointed with this latest book. The mystery wasn't really a mystery (I saw it coming a mile away). Saw the rift between Eric and Sookie starting at least 3 books prior (honestly, she's never really trusted him and always seems to be lying to her). And is it just me or is Sookie just a tad moody in this book? One of the things that I always liked about Sookie was her ability to emotionally bounce back from whatever hell she's been dragged through. Maybe the constant violence and lies are starting to take their toll.

Charlaine Harris has stated that she would end the Sookie Stackhouse series at around Book 13 and I think we're on #11. Personally, I hope that Sookie ditches both Eric and Bill and ends up with Sam, who is the only man she's ever trusted and who has never lied to her.

Jun 01, 2011

Dead Reckoning was a relief after Dead in the Family, which nearly put me to sleep. While not quite in the glory days of Books 8 and 9, Book 11 had action and even a steamy scene (also sadly lacking in Book 10). It definitely feels like the author is winding the series down, but at least is doing so in an entertaining way.

NZaleske May 28, 2011

As usual, a really fun read. Left me wanting more. Charlaine didn't get that deep, since, I think she will be ending this series.

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