The Map of Time

The Map of Time

Book - 2011 | 1st Atria Books hardcover ed
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Oct 12, 2015

Interesting story with time travel, Jack The Ripper and H. G. Wells.

Jul 09, 2015

I couldn't finish this book. The central character is a completely self-absorbed rich twenty year old, who is mopey, depressed and full of self-pity about the hardship of being rich. He falls in "love" with the painting of a prostitute, meets her, uses her for his own fantasies without any thought to the realities of her life, then gets depressed when she is murdered, and he can't have her anymore. I made it through three chapters before I gave up. Perhaps it improves but I couldn't feel anything but total disgust with the main character and no interest in anything that happens to him.

KindianaJones Dec 16, 2014

I was hooked from the first page. The first two parts of the book; one concerning a young man's attempt to time travel in order to save his prostitute love from Jack the Ripper, the other a time traveller from 2000 romancing a woman in 1890s London; were amazing. The third part had slightly less thrill of discovery to it -- but it was were the novel's premise really hit home. A great read, I look forward to the sequel in September 2012.

May 17, 2014

Loved the concept - time travel is one of my "things", and mixing real characters with fictitious ones added to the story. I found the whole thing to be somewhat confusing, however, and that detracted from the book for me.

Aug 26, 2013

I stumbled across this book and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing, as well as the author's passion for detail. The story itself revolves around H.G. Wells "The Time Machine" with some intriguing twists. Well worth the read!

book_devourer Jul 09, 2013

This is a well-written, plot-changing novel that is a delight to read.
Good for any fan of literary fiction (H.G. Wells is in this novel) and those who enjoy tongue-in-cheek reading.

Feb 19, 2013

I went into this story expecting something completely different. The blurb is slightly misleading. However, in the end I really loved it. Felix Palma is a beautiful writer, if a little wordy at times. I wish I could read the original Spanish as I'm sure some stuff is lost in translation. I recommend just reading it with an open mind, and you will soon be sucked in to this crazy world and rewarded in the end! Four stars!

Jul 29, 2012

I love the writing in this book, though was surprised by the graphic descriptions at first. As I read on, I enjoyed the personal way in which the author guides the reader through the material, as if hearing a story from a friend over tea. It is slow in places, but necessarily so, I think. I enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end.

miharuyume Mar 21, 2012

the cover is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 07, 2012

What an excellent book! I found myself rushing through it because I enjoyed it so much, but then regretted not savoring it more throroughly when it was finished.

This is a clever, funny, exciting read, well plotted and full of really exceptional ideas.

Dec 15, 2011

Largely clever, inventive, and well-written story with a smart premise that doesn't try to dumb itself down, marred by somewhat icky approach to female characters and anticlimactic ending.

Nov 23, 2011

Spellbinding from start to finish

Nov 09, 2011

Master storytelling, though I didn't get into it immediately. This book was not what I expected but is still enjoyable.

karo Nov 04, 2011

A difficult read, very long, philosophical, confusing, and convoluted.

r229061 Sep 28, 2011

When one reads a scifi novel one expects science and fiction. The victorian setting adds to the darker initial tone, but it drags till page 83, and that is a pained romantic recollection of a rich boys contemplation of his own suicide. One sixth of the book out of genre is a lot to ask of the reader. This story has (and needs) a lot of exposition. I am unsure if the payoff is worth the effort. The infrequent asides of the author break the story continuity greatly. The historical aspects are interesting, but lengthen time between plot points significantly.

debwalker Aug 08, 2011

"When H.G. Wells releases his new novel, The Time Machine, he has no idea about the series of events he will set in motion. Join Wells on this romp through time as he tries to set Victorian London, literature, and his life back in order. Characters and events both real and imagined weave together in the three story lines that form this engaging and creative tale with all the twists, turns, and paradoxes that every good time travel book should have. Light the oil lamp, find a comfy chair, and enjoy!" --Shawn Bridges, Literary Lion, Stephenville, Tex.

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