Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Book - 2003 | First edition
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Sep 23, 2018

The Book “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus” is written and illustrated by Mo Williams. This is a very creative and unique book that is one of a kind. I say that because usually, most books do not involve the audience, but this book does and that is what makes it even more interesting and fun. This book is really good to be read out loud to little kids because they can participate in what’s happening. Everything in this book is really nice for kids, especially the pictures. If you are reading this to little kids you can even change up the voices of the different characters to make the book even more entertaining for them. 5/5 rating. @TheBookieReadingMonster of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Sep 09, 2018

Very funny to read. Great book to have interactions with children.

LPL_MattS Apr 09, 2018

Until I read this book, I was skeptical a book centered on preventing an increasingly frustrated pigeon from operating a bus could be a fun and engaging experience for parents and kids alike.

I stand corrected (and would also recommend everything else by Mo Willems, by the way).

Mar 12, 2017

This book was a lot of fun to read. My husband read aloud while I got our two kids (ages 1 and 3) yelling "no!" at the pigeon's requests to drive the bus.

The artwork is intentionally juvenile, but it suits the silliness of the story.

This book will only be good if you're willing to be silly and have fun with it.

Jun 02, 2016

This is a vary great and fun book

Jun 02, 2016

This book was very funny and can bring joy to anyone's day! The book made me laugh out loud and I would recommend this book to anyone!!!

Feb 16, 2016


Jan 13, 2016

SUMMARY: "When a bus driver takes a break from his route, a very unlikely volunteer springs up to take his place-a pigeon! But you've never met one like this before. As he pleads, wheedles, and begs his way through the book, children will love being able to answer back and decide his fate."

ILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations are very plain--a blue pigeon on a peach background. The pigeon's expressiveness is not as complex as with Mo Williams later works.

THE GOOD: This is the kind of book very young children enjoy in a group setting. The bus driver tells the children not to let anyone drive the bus and as the pigeon comes along begging to drive the bus, the children get to say no over and over to the pigeon. This gives the children a sense of power. I like the realism of the tantrum the pigeon throws. It is exactly the same as so many children have thrown before! And no matter what pigeon throws out to the reader, the pigeon never gets to drive the bus because it is the wrong thing to do.
THE NOT AS GOOD: I did not enjoy the illustrations in this book as much as I have with Williams other books. The one-eyed pigeon comes off as a little creepy. And when he is at the height of his tantrum, his red one eye is a bit demonic looking.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: Advertised for ages 2-6. This book is best read in a group setting for the full effect.

vpl_childrens Dec 08, 2015

For ages 3-5. When a bus driver takes a break from his route, a pigeon volunteers to replace him. What would you do if you were riding his bus? You’ll have several chances to change your mind.

BookReviewer2015 Jul 23, 2015

A funny and fun children's book!

Jun 17, 2015

This is our favourite book!

Mar 13, 2015

Today we read this book to the class (2 .5- 5y) and they loved it. A simple story with a fun plot that children can follow and they will enjoy the vibrant pictures
A goofy bird who wants to drive the bus

Nov 22, 2014

I think this book is great for parents who struggle with a bratty kid.

ps160librarian Oct 23, 2014

I love this book!

Apr 11, 2014

This is an excellent book that requires interaction with the reader. My 3 year old loves telling the pigeon "No" on every page.

Feb 23, 2014

very fun to read!

wrell Jan 17, 2014

My child loved this! Simple, easy, fun reading.

Oct 22, 2013

My 5-year old granddaughter absolutely loves these books! (However, as an adult, I don't understand her fascination with them :-)) She asks me to read them to her over and over again.

KRockstar10 Apr 24, 2013

Any book that can make me do one of those laughs where I snort and then go BWAHAHAHAHAHA is an awesome book, in my opinion. Very cute and funny. Love the illustrations.

Apr 13, 2013

this book was soooooooo FUNNY!!

Jan 12, 2013

this story is the best story in the world i think tou should read it!!!

forbesrachel Sep 11, 2012

Great for story time. Read it aloud; you can do some really funny voices since this character's emotions swing all over the place lol

Feb 26, 2012

A favourite at our house. An absolute delight. We laugh and laugh over the pigeon's outrageous behaviour.

Now we have the app that goes with the book, my boys also have fun drawing the pigeon on screen and making up their own stories.

kimelise Dec 31, 2011

An absolutely wonderful book. I love it and children love it, especially if you really get into character!!!!!

Padawan_OLaina Dec 23, 2011

Say NO. The Pigeon must not. I repeat NOT drive the bus. (It's up to you to stop him..)

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